ILO’s are the newest form of raising capital for companies and product. Each ILO release comes alongside a promotional campaign and content in order to maximise money raised. PromoILO offers a unique and specialised list of freelancers reducing competition for work and the time a company has to spend finding the perfect freelancer for the job.

PromoILO helps companies maximise the potential of their ILOs. Our hand-picked list of top creative talent from around the world is ready and waiting to promote new ILOs and their underlying products.

A go-to private resource for ILO marketing, advertising and strategy, PromoILO members take on briefs and even create entire campaigns for ILO releases and their related products to ensure maximum sales and brand promotion.

From the smallest piece of copy through to a fully managed campaign, make a huge splash with our handpicked list of experts.

Good question! ILO stands for Initial License Offering. A company sells a number of these licenses in order to raise capital. Each license buyer agrees to share information about it or the companies product with their social networks and through doing so qualifies to receive a percentage of the companies revenue as royalties for 2 years!

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